It’s Tan O’Clock Somewhere

Hello my beautiful, (soon to be) bronzed beauties! Happy Tuesday!
Living in Florida, I have always felt a bit of pressure to have a nice, glowy tan. Unfortunately, because I live and work here, I am not always able to go to the beach or outside and enjoy the sunshine any time during the day (a girl can dream). So, that leads to me being a little, pasty white. And it is not flattering at all. My clothes don’t look right because the colors clash with my skin color. I don’t feel thin. Overall, my confidence is just not as high when I’m pale. Am I the only one?

When I was in high school, I started laying in the tanning bed. I know, I know, those things are TERRIBLE for your skin and health. I’ve since learned that lesson the hard way through multiple trips to the dermatologist and many skin biopsies. I now steer clear of any and all tanning beds.

So how do I manage to have a nice tan year ‘round, you ask? Easy. Self-tanners. Specifically, Coco & Eve and N*12. I am staying true to my roots this week and offering an honest review on these products. I’ve tried so many different self-tanners, but these two products have completely taken the cake for me. The color they provide is absolutely gorgeous, and they are both so easy to apply.

Coco & Eve is one of the many self-tanning products out there for your body. If you have used a self-tanner in the past, I’m sure you know how bad they can smell and just the simple fact that the smell lingers. Well ladies, I am pleased to announce that this self-tanner right here smells like a heavenly beach and there is zero after-smell, even days later. I have received so many compliments on my tan to where people have even asked if I got a spray tan. Nope, it is alllll Coco & Eve. I apply one pump of foam to my mitt and then apply to my skin in small, circular motions. I’ve found that the key to a flawless tan is to do small sections at a time. 

What makes Coco & Eve so special is the fact that all of their products are cruelty free, 100% vegan, paraben and toxin free, and ethically sourced. Their bronzing foam is specially made with their unique Cellushape formula to help hydrate and firm the skin. The bronzing foam is available in three shades, Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. I initially purchased the Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Bundle in Dark. This bundle comes with the Bali Bronzing Foam, a soft velvet tanning mitt, and a deluxe vegan Kabuki brush. It normally costs $73, but they have a special going on right now where you can get it for $46.50. That’s 37% off! An incredible deal – you DO NOT want to miss out on this. && I got you guys a code! You can also use CANDIDLY for an additional 10% off.

For my face, though, I use something completely different. I have used Coco&Eve on my face, and it applies great, but it can get to be a touch too dark for my liking. So instead, I use the bronzing face drops by N*12. This product is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, loaded with antioxidants, and is compatible with all skin types. It costs $42 and will last you months, depending on how often you use and how many drops at a time. Yes, this product is clear, but don’t let that fool you – you can essentially choose your shade. The more drops, the darker your color will develop. 

1-2 drops – Light & subtle tan
2-3 drops – Natural-looking tan
3-4 drops – Medium tan
5+ drops – Deep tan

How I apply N*12 to my face is by mixing it in with my daily moisturizer. I put my desired amount of moisturizer into my palm and then add 4-5 drops of N*12 to it. I then mix them together and apply the mixture to my face. I typically do this in the evening time before bed around 3-4 times a week. If using in the mornings, be sure to wait 5 minutes to allow your tan to set before applying makeup. The most important thing to remember when applying this product is to wash your hands immediately after applying. You will wake up with tan fingers and hands if you forget. I am speaking from experience!

I know we are coming into the Spring and Summer months and tanning outside will become the new, temporary thing once again. But having an at-home, self-tanner has been a complete game changer for me, and it is so much healthier for your skin than getting a nasty burn from the Sun. So, if you’re looking for a couple of safer options that are a little more affordable than monthly spray tans, you have found the products! As Johnny Cade said, “Stay gold, Ponyboy” – and stay candid ; )

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