Great, Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Do you know what you’re getting your significant other? Maybe you’re flying solo this year – are you celebrating you? Are you trying to think outside the box and get something other than the traditional chocolates or flowers? No matter the case, I know our budgets are tight this year, so here are a few gift ideas that won’t break the bank, but are sure to make this Valentine’s Day special! <3

Custom Spotify Glass

Custom Spotify Glass. Do you and your significant other have a song? Maybe your wedding song? It’s Y’ALL’S song and every time you and your partner hear it, your hearts do little back flips and you want to tear up? Well, this would be the perfect gift. You may have seen this idea all over social media recently, but it turns out, it is pretty affordable and a great memorabilia for your loved one. You have a few options (keychains, night lights, etc.) to choose from, and all options are under $30 before tax/s&h.

Intimacy Deck. Take your relationship to the next level. This card game is geared towards helping couples strengthen their relationship, trust and vulnerability with engaging conversation starters. It’s a simple game. Each card has a question on it and you and your significant other take turns drawing cards and answering the questions. Extremely romantic and less than $30!

Plan a Picnic/Hike. This idea is one of the most simple of them all and doesn’t cost very much. Research local hiking or walking trails, pack a basket or cooler full of lunch foods, snacks and drinks, maybe toss a lightweight blanket into a backpack (here’s a cheaper option) and you’re all set!

Movie Marathon. Another simple idea, figure out a movie series you know your partner would enjoy and plan a cozy movie-night in. My personal favorites are the Harry Potter series. After an early dinner, make some popcorn – my favorite is Double Good popcorn, definitely worth the splurge – or s’more’s and start up the first movie of your marathon. I would turn the AC down a little bit, that way there is bound to be more snuggling. If you have pets, have them curl up on the couch next to you, that way everyone feels all the love while watching great movies. 

Virtual Ballroom Dance Lessons. This idea is very creative. And the best part? They’re free! You don’t have to worry about getting embarrassed, and you can restart the video as many times as you need. This is a bonding experience that will help bring you and your significant other closer together. Just remember to give each other grace and have patience. And most importantly, have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day – or Gal-entine’s Day to all my single girls out there! Keep it candid!

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